Why do I blog?

According Wikipedia’s meme page the Chuck Norris phenomenon is a meme. So I guess I’d be quite a hypocrite if I didn’t respond to Jonathan tagging me in his meme post. Though, I think this is more of a blogified chain letter, which I’ve just found out is a type of meme, damnit!

Sharing My Passions
I am passionate about a lot of things. Business, web development, the environment, and comedy to name a few. Blogging allows me to share my experiences in these areas without spamming a bunch of unsuspecting people. I’ve recommended to a few people that show up in my inbox a bit too often that they should have blogs. Usually they just think I’m joking though.
Updating Friends and Family
I live a fast paced lifestyle leagues away from my homeland, so blogging is a great way to let all my family know what I’ve been up to. The same is true for my friends from high school, university, etc. Since Googling my name brings up my blog first, it’s easy for old friends to track me down.
Design and Development Practice
This site is actually sort of a sandbox for my design and development ideas. The designs that I deploy on this blog are somewhat unique and allow me to try out some design concepts before incorporating them into my business web site. I also try to produce my small development projects as plugins for WordPress. I’m actually finishing up plugin that involves Microformats and will be publishing soon.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of separating my personal and professional blogging efforts into separate blogs. I don’t think people who find my blog when searching about WordPress should be subjected to my ultimate frisbee trips or Friday night shenanigans. I just need to sort out a way to do it that doesn’t involve more management work. I’m thinking WordPress MU.

Now I guess I’ll ask Chad, Luke, Sean, Bojan, and Shannen why they blog?