My New Digital Camera: Canon SD450

Canon SD450After patiently waiting for a Canon Digital Elph to go on sale at Future Shop, it finally happened and I was able to pick up a 5MP Canon SD450 to replace the old 2MP Kodak POS that I had. I got a 1GB memory card for it as well, a big step up from the 16MB I had with the ‘ol Kodak.

The majority of the pictures are looking great, but I haven’t had time to read about the features on this camera that my old camera didn’t have. There are quite a few. The camera itself is tiny enough that I can slip it into my jacket pocket and at the same time the LCD is nice and big and it’s fairly easy to handle even with my big clumsy mits. Anyways, there is an in-depth review of the SD450 at if you want to know more about it.

I’ve taken 65 pictures and 2 short videos since I picked it up on Friday, about half the number of pictures I took in all of 2005. Definitely worth the investment!