The all-new web site launched

Future Shop rebrandedAfter hundreds of hours and thousands of page modifications, our team of 5 web designers with a little help from developers and translators has overhauled the hell out of the old web site. And we did it all on-time for our launch date this past Tuesday.

There are a few minor bugs here and there. One major bug was brought to my attention by a visitor to this site who posted a comment to “Hey kids, we’re eatin’ tonight.” I have fixed this bug myself for the short term and forwarded a fix for the long term to developers. I have no idea how this bug got past designers, developers, and quality assurance, it’s a mistery for sure.

There is a forum thread discussing the new web site that is quite interesting. Let me know what you think of the new web site and if you come across any bugs. I will pass on any interesting feedback to my co-workers.