Hey kids, we’re eatin’ tonight

Best BuyFuture Shop
Since Zenutech is currently reinvesting all revenue into growth (equipment and advertising) and I still need to eat, there was a need to take on a job. Zenutech clients need not worry however, I am still committed to Zenutech. In fact, I should have more time to put into Zenutech because I will have more evenings and weekends off. Previously, I was going to school full-time and definitely didn’t have evenings and weekends off.

In early June I was offered a contract job as a Web Designer with Best Buy Canada. Best Buy is an American owned company who bought Future Shop in 2000. They have kept the Future Shop brand for Canada but the Future Shop company no longer exists. I am working on the big project for futureshop.ca. You will be able to see some of my work on futureshop.ca toward the end of this month.