Vote for Rory. He would vote for you.

UPDATE: I’ve created an installable Firefox Add-on that makes it even easier and quicker to vote for Rory. Check out the Rory Vote-O-Matic Add-on for Firefox page.

Vote for Rory

You may have already heard of the “Vote for Rory” campaign that is gaining a lot of support all over North America. The idea is to take advantage of the NHL All-Star Game voting system (that allows people to vote as many times as they like) to vote Rory Fitzpatrick into the 2007 NHL All-Star Game in Dallas, Texas. There’s more details on the Rory Fitzpatrick Wikipedia page and

I’m already a big supporter of the cause to send this moderately skilled work horse to the all-star game since I learned of it this week. As a friend of mine put it having just learned about the campaign, “It’s amazing how much I care about this already.” But how can I contribute to the cause? What are my skills?

Nerd skills. So I wrote a Javascript bookmarklet to help people vote. In a few steps you can turn your Firefox browser into an automatic Rory voting machine:

  1. Download and install Firefox if you don’t already have it
  2. Rory Vote-O-Matic Screenshot 1

  3. In Firefox, create a bookmarklet by right-clicking the following link and choosing “Bookmark This Link”:

    Rory Vote-O-Matic

  4. Choose “Bookmarks Toolbar” from the drop-down list and click “Ok”. This will create a bookmark on your Firefox toolbar under the URL bar.
  5. Rory Vote-O-Matic Screenshot 2

  6. Click here to go to the NHL’s vote page
  7. When the vote page is done loading, click the “Rory Vote-O-Matic” bookmark on your Firefox toolbar

Presto! You just voted for Rory! The bookmarklet randomly selects a bunch of other players but always chooses Rory for one of the Western Conference Defense positions. On a scale from 1 to Rory, how awesome is this? Definitely Rory!

So why are you still here reading this? Be persistent. Continue voting over and over again. Don’t give up. Rory wouldn’t.