Twitter Importer for WordPress

Update: I’ve updated this importer to be a WordPress 3.0 plugin. Download it at
Thanks to Stephanie for helping out.

In an effort to regain control of my data, I’ve written an importer for WordPress which grabs all your tweets and inserts them into WordPress as posts.  It allows you to choose the category and author you would like the imported posts assigned.

I ran a few Google searches about exporting all your posts from Twitter, but I only found people griping about how they could only get the first 20 posts.  By hacking the RSS feed URL, I discovered that it accepted a ‘page’ parameter, so you can actually get all your tweets from the RSS feed.  For example, to get tweets 41-60 you would just append ‘?page=3’ to your RSS feed URL:  Of course, your profile needs to be public in order for this to work.

To install Twitter Importer into your installation of WordPress:

  1. Download Twitter Importer
  2. Unzip it
  3. Upload twitter.php to your /wp-admin/import/ directory

Now you can use it just as any other importer.  In the admin, simply go to the ‘Tools’ > ‘Import’ and it will be in the list of importers.  Enjoy!