Pippin And I Have Started A Podcast

applyfiltersI’ve teamed up with Pippin Williamson to talk about WordPress development in a new podcast called Apply Filters. As in apply_filters( 'podcast', $brad, $pippin, $guest );. If you’re not a WordPress developer, you probably won’t get it.

I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for some time now. So, I reached out to Pippin and we decided to give it a shot. We decided that since there is already a great podcast covering the business of WordPress, we will focus on WordPress development.

I’ve been a fan of Pippin’s work and have admired his teaching of WordPress through his web site, so it made a lot of sense to reach out to him. He follows and is involved with core development a bit more than I am, so I’m actually pretty excited about what I will learn from him. I’m looking forward to sharing my own dev experience with our listeners as well.

The first episode went online today and we’ve been getting lots of wonderful feedback from listeners…

So, if you haven’t already, check out applyfilters.fm and don’t forget to subscribe.

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