Online Movie Rentals: Lame

BlockbusterI was just checking out the latest video releases on Blockbuster’s web site and decided to see what their online movie rentals were all about. I thought that maybe if the video was delivered for free from a Blockbuster near the customer on the same day, the service may not be too bad.

With a little rummaging through their site, I was able to find out a few things. The only good news is that the shipping and return shipping is free. As for the local delivery, not a chance. In fact, you can not even return a online video rental at your local Blockbuster. As for speed of delivery, the online video rentals are shipped and arrive in 1-3 days in most cases. Too slow for the information age if you ask me.

I highly doubt that customers who live in rural areas (those who would like this service most) would receive their video in 1 day. So, who would actually use this service? Obviously someone who plans their moving watching in advance and doesn’t mind waiting a few days for their video to arrive.

I’ve previously expressed my opinion about the movie industry’s failure to adapt to the information age and offer a legal video downloading service “Movie Industry Deserves What’s Coming“.