Joining ActiveState in a couple of weeks

ActiveStateIt has been just over a month since I gladly accepted a permanent status offer from Best Buy Canada / Future Shop. Although, as mentioned previously, I didn’t feel I was being challenged and the position certainly wasn’t helping me grow as a professional.

Late last week, I accepted an offer from ActiveState, a company whose work I have long admired. They are heavily involved in the development of open-source software, open-source support tools, and host Vancouver PHP User Group meetings among other things. They are probably best known for their porting of Perl to Windows, known as ActivePerl. My main role will be working on the E-Commerce web application. I am very excited to join the ActiveState team.

Of course, I must reiterate that this new job will not interfere with my work with Zenutech. I am currently working on some fixes for ZDM Pro and shortly I will be starting a new version of TreeView with DHTML and AJAX. Once I have the updated version of TreeView ready, I will be able to begin coding the new Zenutech Web Control Panel from scratch.