Attending Web Directions North

ActiveState at Web Directions NorthStarting next Tuesday (Feb 6th), I’ll be attending the Web Directions North conference here in Vancouver. There is a long list of noteworthy speakers presenting a variety of interesting topics, however I will spare you the name dropping and buzzword list. Just check out the schedule for the details.

ActiveState has been generous enough to send both Chad and I to this conference (workshops included). That’s right, the same ActiveState who just released a revamped, web-enhanced version of Komodo IDE last week. Ewww, I feel all dirty all of a sudden. But in all seriousness, Komodo has come a long way in terms of web technology support and all the reviews I’ve read so far confirm it. Lately, even I have been favoring Komodo over my trusty EditPlus for writing Perl, PHP, XHTML, and CSS. Oh, and for those who are like, “Phhhft, IDE’s are for pussies! Vi to the grave man!” we also released a lite, free version of Komodo as well, Komodo Edit.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to this conference. I have a feeling that the sessions will be considerably better than OSCON as they are double the length and should contain more substance and less fluff. I will be sporting a black t-shirt with either Komodo 4.0 or Chuck Norris on it, so if you spot me, yell me a hello and introduce yourself.