I bought a “new” laptop

Or rather, an old laptop. Last week I worked my final co-op days at NRCan and someone just happen to bring me a four year old Toshiba Portégé 3110CT to update. It was super thin yet it still had lots of features for a 4 year old laptop, I was very impressed. The only thing it was missing that I wanted were a CD-ROM and Wireless-G capability.

Since the laptop has a PCMCIA card slot, the wireless card can be added very easily. Also, I don’t really need the CD-ROM because the 3110CT comes with an ethernet port. So, I will be able to copy over the latest distribution of Mandrake Linux 10 I just downloaded, boot to DOS and install from there. I might pick up a used USB CD-ROM someday if I see one.

Anyways, I only paid $350 (including shipping) and it comes with two batteries. Check it out…