Upgraded to WordPress 1.5

Wordpress LogoWordPress 1.5 was officially released today under the name “Strayhorn.” I’m guessing the name is a poke at Microsoft’s struggle to control the release date of their Longhorn project, but I could be wrong. I have been waiting seemingly forever for version 1.5 of WordPress so I was excited to say the least.

You may have noticed that the appearance of this site has changed slightly. This new look is the default template that comes with version 1.5 but changing templates is now as easy as uploading a directory of template files and clicking a button in the admin area.

The actual upgrade process from version 1.2.2 to 1.5 was quick and painless. Although, I did spent considerable time playing around with the new template system and trying out the new page creation feature. I am thinking about using WordPress as a CMS for basic web sites that we do for Zenutech clients.

So far, I haven’t encountered anything I don’t like about the new features in WordPress 1.5 and I have feeling that it will disappoint very few people.