Transfer from Paypal to a US Dollar Account at a Canadian Bank

So, you’re Canadian and you often get paid in USD via Paypal. When you withdraw into your Canadian dollar (CAD) bank account, Paypal charges a premium for the currency conversion. A hefty 2.5% in fact. This is a common problem among freelancers like myself. Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered a way to avoid these currency conversion premiums.

1. Open a USD bank account with your Canadian bank. This is surprisingly easy. With RBC, you can quickly open a US High Interest eSavings account through online banking. No need to wait on the phone or sign any papers.

2. Find out the 9-digit routing number for your bank. If you’re with RBC, it’s 026004093. You may need to do a Google search for your bank’s routing number, or call/email them as a last resort.

3. Add your US bank account to your Paypal account.

  1. Login to Paypal
  2. Under “Profile”, click “Add or Edit Bank Account”
  3. Click the “Add” button
  4. Select “United States” in the country dropdown
  5. Enter your bank name (e.g. RBC)
  6. Choose the account type
  7. Enter the routing number you found in step 2 above
  8. In “Account Number” you need to put BOTH the 5-digit transit number and 1-12 digit account number together. For example, if your transit number is 00003 and your account number is 1234567, you would put 000031234567.
  9. Click continue
  10. Now it’s just like adding any other bank account. You wait until Paypal makes a couple of small deposits into your USD account and confirm.

When I successfully transferred all my US cash in Paypal to my USD account it was a great feeling. I wasn’t charged any service fees and since that cash is now sitting in a high interest savings account, it’s actually working for me.

I’ve only tried this with RBC, so I’m not sure if it works with other institutions. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

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  • Sherry

    Hello, thanks for the information! I need to transfer some US dollar to Paypal account as Paypal cash balance. I have a US dollar account at CIBC. Do you think your way going to work as well?

  • @Sherry I’ve never tried with CIBC, but it should work.

  • Kelton

    Just wondering if I would like to transfer US$ in the RBC US account to my paypal US cash balance, would it work the same way?


  • I tried transferring from RBC US to PayPal US and unfortunately it failed. Didn’t get charged any fees though.

  • Aaron

    Hi there, i just called RBC, customer representitive told me the routing number is 021000021, but the one in your post is 026004093. Are they making any difference? Which one i should use? Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day.

  • Use 026004093 for the aba number for rbc, this is the only bank in that it works for as the RBC account is cleared in New York.

    Also if you want to take it to the next step you can use or for currency exchange as well. They run around 0.8 % to 1.25 % commission vs 2.8 % at cibc or royal bank. It can be worth the effort if you have larger sums to transfer.

  • Darren


    I’ve been reading up and it sounds like this method is now forbidden due to US regulations about how money has to be tracked when crossing borders and that IATs must be used. Can you confirm if your RBC paypal transfers have failed recently?

  • I just did a transfer on July 19, 2011 from my PayPal USD to my RBC US eSavings.

  • John


    I just signed up for the RBC account you suggested above. Is the routing number you provide good for all branches? I found a list online that shows routing numbers for each individual bank branch. How did you find that rounting number?

    Thanks for the info !

  • I believe it is for any branch.

  • Venture77

    Does anyone know a work around for the Scotia Bank USD accounts?
    I found the following details regarding Scotia Bank. The thing is my business account is in Scotia Bank and I do not want to receive money to my personal RBC account. Any help is really appreciated.

    P.S I already tried to add the USD account using transit number method (regular CAD account method) and the deposit failed.

    Routing Information
    Routing Number 026002532
    City NEW YORK
    State NY
    Zip Code 10006-0000
    Telephone Number (212) 225-5361
    Office Type Main
    Servicing Number 021001208
    Record Type Code 1
    Institution Status Code 1
    Record Revision Date 2010-03-11

  • PayOl’BuddyOl’Pal

    It doesn’t work with The Bank of Nova Scotia. I tried using the routing number 026002532 and for the account number I used the 17 digits, 5 digit transit# plus 12 digit acct#. No go.. It said deposits sent but after 2 days the Unconfirmed account simply disappeared from my accounts list.
    Paypal really wants to do the conversion to CAD for you if you move funds from US to Canada. For me the solution was to create a Canadian Paypal account which allows you to link both US and Canadian accounts. Now I have 2 paypal accounts.. It would be nice if the US paypal would allow you to link Canadian banks.. I don’t want to keep usd funds in my canadian bank anyway and the conversion rate and fees of Scotiabank are comparable to paypal’s so I dont care who does the conversion anyway, the cost is equally horrible.. It would just be easier to have only one paypal account to look after.. Careful you can’t link the same account to 2 different paypal accounts.. I had my usd checking linked to my us paypal and couldnt also link it to my canadian paypal… I linked my usd savings instead.. This way is still better than mailing checks or paying the ridiculous wire transfer fees

  • John

    Just an FYI.

    It doesn’t work with CIBC. Their US routing number is through The Bank of America. I tried the above method of transfer with CIBC and it failed.

  • Jon

    will it work with BMO? I heard in order for this to work you need a bank that has a USA address. Unfortunately BMO does not.

    I tried the above method and it says my routing number is wrong. Because I’m routing it from a Canadian branch.

  • RB

    does it work good for US dollar business account in RBC too? If yes any US dollar business account or any specific suggestion.

  • JohnR

    Is it possible to open an RBC Bank USA account based in the US (from a Canadian RBC branch), then sign up for a new USA Paypal account using a freight forwarding address, and transfer funds from CDN RBC account to US RBC account to in turn proceed with online US purchases via freight forwarder? (buying from for example… )

    How would the RBC Bank USA differ from the Canadian based RBC US Savings account?

  • Perry

    Thanks for putting this info up! I tried and failed to get this working by talking to RBC, found your site and used the routing code you supply and be damned if it did not work. Even tried to let RBC know of this and well that did not go so well…

    Initial Question/Comment: Routing number to connect a RBC USD$ account to paypal
    14:32:26 RBC
    Charles Gauvin has joined this session!
    14:32:26 RBC
    Connected with Charles Gauvin
    14:32:41 Charles Gauvin
    Hello Perry.
    14:33:28 Perry
    Hi Charles – I used this chat session thing a couple days ago – connected to a Cathy O’Dell
    14:33:29 Charles Gauvin
    The ABA (American Banking Association) Number or Routing number is 021000021
    14:34:07 Perry
    no it’s not for USD accounts it is 026004093
    14:34:16 Charles Gauvin
    I see that and thanks for using our chat services to inquire about our products.
    14:34:46 Charles Gauvin
    perhaps it would be best if I call you to discuss.
    14:35:29 Perry
    well if ya want sure i’m at ###-###-####
    14:36:10 Charles Gauvin
    No problem, one moment please.
    14:42:22 RBC
    You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by…
    14:42:22 RBC
    Charles Gauvin has left this session!
    14:42:32 RBC
    Sandra Leger has joined this session!
    14:42:32 RBC
    Connected with Sandra Leger
    14:42:54 Sandra Leger
    Hi Perry, I’d be happy to help you.
    14:43:09 Perry
    hey sandra – i kinda don’t need help
    14:43:42 Perry
    i was trying to hook up a usd e-savers account to paypal and needed the routing number
    14:44:05 Perry
    your gal gave me 021000021
    14:44:23 Sandra Leger
    yes, that is our routing number
    14:44:27 Perry
    but at much pain found it needs to be 026004093
    14:44:50 Sandra Leger
    I see. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    14:45:43 Perry
    no just a fyi so the next paypal-er can get the right answer – and hoped you could confirm that routing number will continue to work
    14:49:17 Sandra Leger
    I just verified and our routing number for RBC Canada is indeed 021000021
    14:50:22 Sandra Leger
    Perry, I haven’t seen a response from you in the last few minutes, so I’m assuming you no longer need my help. If you do, simply contact us again. Thank you for chatting with us.
    14:50:22 RBC
    Sandra Leger has left this session!

  • Jay

    I’m assuming I can set up an RBC U.S. bank account to accept PayPal transfers. The problem is still getting the money to Canada without getting totally fleeced. For cash, I have a place that gives me a full point better than the bank. How would I work this? I’d still have to go to my U.S. bank and withdraw the cash and physically take it back to Canada.

    That said, is there a limit as to how much I can move across the border like that?

  • bob

    Sadly, this has all changed.

    I just got off the phone with Paypal, and they no longer allow Canadians to transfer $US to a US bank account.

    They will grandfather any account you have connected presently, but will not allow the addition of new ones.

    RBC recently transitioned their US accounts to another bank, so if you have to change your Paypal info for the account, DO NOT remove the old RBC account!!!

    Use the ADD function to add the new account for RBC Georgia, and don’t worry about the error message for the invalid routing code. The account will be switched to the new one correctly.

    If you remove your existing RBC account first, you will be screwed, and will not be allowed to add the new one.

  • John

    Is Bob correct?

    Does this method still work?

  • bob

    You should probably call Paypal support to verify.
    If you have an account linked already, you’re OK.

  • Michael

    I have too and old RBC USA account (before the migration to PNC bank) and the account migrate itself to the RBC Bank Georgia (new RBC USA bank for canadians)

  • Vee

    Just chatted with PayPal, I have a US paypal, they told me I had to close it and could only open a Canadian one once I move to Canada and can only reside in one country!. I have a home in US and Canada. Bank accounts (Scotia) and Bank of America. I have no choices, I have family in both countries. This seemed like an easy way to send money. But snail mail a check is my only option! Any ideas? wiring money is a pain too. and the fees!

  • Chris P

    If you have a TD Bank and TD Canada Trust acct both in your name you can call and transfer up to $5000/day between both for free.

  • Joe K.

    Ya I just called Paypal support and there is no way to do this *according to support*. I will try adding the routing # for TD Canada Trust to see if it takes but I highly doubt it seeing that they stopped someone’s RBC attempt. The fees and currency conversion is ridiculous!

  • Angie

    Is this still working for RBC or not? Does the esaving usd account still work with Paypal? I hate paying these large fees, it’s just not fair, is there an alternative that someone found to avoid paying all these fees!! thanks πŸ™‚

  • Perry

    Hi Angie,

    I was able to transfer USD from paypal to my RBC USD E-savers account last week with no problems. But I did setup the account last year and maybe it works cause it falls into the “grandfather-ed” category (see bob’s feb 19 post). It cost nothing to setup a USD e-savers account online with rbc so I suggest giving it a shot testing with a couple dollar transfers, just be sure to use the “026004093” routing #.

  • Tyler

    Awesome it’s work within 2 days, since my Royal bank of Canada in Canada, use USA routing number 026004093, and have E-saving US account, now I save 2.5% of the Paypal converting fees to Canadian dollar in my Canadian Bank.

    Only RBC work so far, I do not know other, I know Scotiabank don’t work.

    Thank you very much Brad Touesnard πŸ™‚

  • Jod

    Hi. Just tried this with TD Canada Trust and a Borderless account. I will post back my findings. At first I was thinking it would be good to go, but now I’m thinking prob not because of the grandfathering.

  • Joe Maxwell

    I just changed few US dollars to Canadian at below interbank rates. They don’t charge any fees currently. Looks like a great deal

  • CCK

    Has this method worked for any TD US bank accounts? If so, can you also provide the 9 digit routing number? I hope Paypal hasn’t put a stop to it, and are only “grandfathering” the old accounts.

  • JohnQ

    Anyone find any solutions as of late? Is the RBC US savings account not working anymore for good? Any other options? Paypal has become very money hungry, and is ripping off alot of good and hard working people, with their unfair currency exchanges.

  • SamK

    I would like to know as well, if there’s been any new developments or news. Thanks.

  • Mitch

    The RBC routing # provided on here – 026004093 still works. I opened a RBC account on Monday June 4 and PayPal confirmed it by the next day.

  • So I tried to do direct deposits to my RBC-CANADA USD eSavings account, using routing # 026004093, from another USA bank. It failed!!!! I can see two small direct deposits coming in both less than $1…. but no debit!!! Usually if they do two trial direct deposits, they will take it back by ONE debit with the sum of the two deposits….. so the bank initiating the two direct deposits claimed the RBC-CANADA USD account “invalid” for direct deposits….. anyone know how to get around this?

  • m

    So by opening a RBC Canada usd bank account or open a RBC USA usd bank account, which one works for transferring usd from paypal? I am a bit confused here.

  • nic

    hey did anyone who tried TD get it to work? if so, which transit number did you use? Thanks!

  • jod

    I was not able to get it to work. It was rejected. I used the TD one off some site that claimed that is was correct. I have yet to try and call TD to get this issue resolved or to find out if it can be resolved.

  • Luke

    How long did your two initial deposits take? I added my eSavings RBC account on July 11th, it has been 5 biz days since I added it and there is no deposits in my bank account yet. I’m starting to think it wont go thru… πŸ™

  • Luke

    Forgot to mention that I used 026004093 as well.

  • Harris

    Hey, I just added my RBC US eSavings account to paypal yesterday 24/07/2012 and I used 026004093 as the routing number. The deposit hasn’t arrived yet, but paypal said it’s “sent”.
    If the deposit bounced, should I try to add the account using 021000021 as the routing number?
    I got it from here:

  • m

    so did the routing number 021000021 works?

  • Harris

    Hey, just a follow up. The code 026004093 works!
    It took me two business days to get the confirmation since the RBC bank in the US is at New York.

  • Alec

    hi, did anyone who succeeds adding RBC us dollar acct actually withdraw US funds in Paypal recently?

  • Adam

    Confirmed, 026004093 does work.

  • Dave

    Any luck with a TD account?

  • Once you get your money into the RBC account, how do you get it out and converted to Cdn$ at a reasonable exchange rate? The rate showing today is the SAME as Paypal’s.

    Has anyone tried and, if so, how does it work for transferring funds from US$ to Cdn$ account?

    Also, I got the routing number 026005092 from Bank of Montreal (it’s supposed to route through Wachovia bank), but Paypal rejected it as being non-US routing number.

  • dave

    I tried with RBC, and an ACH deposit originating from a USA bank account landed in my RBC Canada USD account, safely.


    I just hope the other Canadian banks are this convenient!!!!!

  • Were you charged any fees by either bank for this transfer?

  • dave

    No fees. It was payroll deposit.

  • Jay

    Doesn’t work. Tried with 026004093 and a USD RBC U.S. High Interest eSavings account. Got an email saying “bank account invalid”. Now PayPal even prevents me from retrying to add this account.

  • Jay

    Oh, and unlike the claim in this article, trying to open an account online with RBC is a major pain too. They still made me go to the branch to present 2 photo ID and sign papers. Then they proceeded to bungle it up and I had to harass them to sort it out.

  • Harris

    Just did my second transfer to RBC U.S. High Interest eSavings account. It went through faster than the last time.

    Jay, make sure you choose United States as the country since this code (026004093) is only for RBC New York branch. Also, did you already have any RBC account before applying for this account? Because I just applied online since I already have a chequing account, got instantly approved and I never have to go to a branch.


  • Big Dave

    RBC is great. Any other Canadian bank which can work with PayPal in this way, accepting USA ACH Deposits?

  • For those who were unable to get RBC to work—-do you have a personal Paypal account or a Merchant account? I am wondering if that may make a difference. I am planning on trying RBC, and am looking for a possible explanation as to why it only seems to work for some of you.

  • Jay


    Yes, I did choose “United States”. I followed the instructions in this article to the letter. I have since tried every conceivable variation to see if I could get it to work. I’m a software engineer and usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out. No luck.

    I even made completely sure my new RBC account was totally sorted out before attempting to add it to PayPal. Now I’m locked out from adding this particular account. The message I get says I can fax PayPal a copy of my bank statement showing their micro-deposits, which of course I never got.

    No, I did not have an RBC account previously. I suppose online sign-up is easy if you already have an RBC account, but it’s certainly not if you don’t. They still make you come in to the branch. The online aspect of signing up as a new customer is rather pointless in my opinion. It’s more like giving them an invitation for their call center to keep nagging you to go the branch.

    Helen: I have a personal PayPal account.

  • Harris

    Hey, I remember something!
    If you just made your account in RBC (first time costumer), whatever that is, you can’t receive or send money using that new account. There’s some kind of restriction on money transfer. It happened to me the first weeks of opening a new chequing account (mine was a student account). What I did was I asked my banker to lift the “restriction” but he said I would have to wait (maybe for some account activity).
    I was able to lift the restriction quicker because I contacted my parents’ banker (RBC) and told him that I am a student and a dependent of them. Also I need the account right away for school purposes.

    Hope this helps!

  • OK. I have opened an RBC US$ account and am about to try adding it to Paypal. I just want to make sure about the number that I need to add. I know we need the routing number, 5 digit transit number associated with the account as well as the account number. I just want to make sure that we don’t need the 3 digit institution number to be added anywhere in the sequence. I assume that we don’t, but can anyone confirm?

  • It worked! I opened an RBC Canadian Savings account (because I didn’t have an existing account at RBC) and an RBC US$ High Interest eSavings account (both free). I then followed the instructions in this blog (routing number 026004093 , country USA, bank RBC, 12 digit transit+account). It then took about 6 days for the small deposits to appear in the account, which I used to confirm the account with Paypal. I have since transferred another $500, which showed up in my RBC account about 5 days later. THANKS for this!

  • Nylon

    Yup, RBC worked for me to!

    Opened an eSavings US$ account at RBC in Toronto and followed the instructions above. Paypal micro-deposits were in the next day. Confirmed the account on Paypal. Everything went smoothly.

    Just transferred my US$ Paypal balance to my account. They said it should take 3 to 4 business days. Crossing fingers! This is awesome for eBay.

  • Josh

    Will this work at RBC in Edmonton? I just go in and set up a regular account and an eSavings US account? There are no monthly fees for these accounts?


    I have a Paypal merchant acct and receive most sales in $US. Will the RBC eSavings US account work to transfer my $US from Paypal to this US eSavings account so I can more easily access these $US funds. I’m trying to avoid all the exchange and conversion fees to get the funds to me at my canadian bank. I hope this can work for me, just want to confirm before I try.

  • I also tried with my US Dollar business account at CIBC and it didn’t work.

    Perhaps I should consider switching!

  • Mark

    Did it and it worked.Sep 29/12 walked into a Rbc branch opened a USD chequing account it costs 2.00/ month. Got home added it to my paypal profile
    Oct 1/12 got two small deposits from paypal and confirmed the account. On Oct 3/12 requested a 1000.00 USD transfer from my paypal to my RBC and on Oct 5/12 it is there in my RBC account. This really works. Thanks for showing us a way to avoid being ripped off.

  • Lewis

    – opened personal USD RBC account Sept. 29
    added this account to paypal
    – received two small deposits from paypal in RBC USD account Oct. 3 and was successful making RBC account primary account on paypal. Then withdrew USD from paypal to RBC

    – Money only took 3 days to enter my RBC account!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the TIP!

    BTW, make sure you put a 0 before your 4 digit bank transit number

  • TD Bank

    I used Fedwire ABA number of TD Canada Trust as a routing number required by Paypal


  • Mark

    Hi Romanstuff, did you link your Td Canada Trust USD account with Paypal by using the above number.

  • Gordana

    Hi Romanstuff, I also would like to know if the ABA number worked for TD Canada Trust U.S. account and did you have to put the transit and account number all together?

  • Dana

    Also wondering if the Fedwire ABA works for linking a TD Canada Trust USD Borderless account for fee free USD Paypal withdrawals.

    Romanstuff, please shed some light! πŸ™‚

  • dwm

    Has anyone trying to use TD Canada Trust tried to use the 026003243 number? It looks similar to the RBC number above. (Both are to NY offices)

  • DWM

    Romanstuff’s number matches the number that my local TD Bank gave me.

  • Dana

    @DWM. So have you tried the number and successfully performed a PayPal to TD USD Borderless fee free transfer?

  • Dana

    @DWM so have you tried the number and successfully performed a PayPal to TD USD Borderless account fee free USD transfer?

  • Sandra

    I have also been trying to link a TD Canada Trust US dollar “Borderless Account” to my paypal account. I tried six different account # combinations using the Bank Of America routing number given to me by my bank which is the same one quoted here -none went through.

    I have been a long time TD Canada Trust client and am not interested in opening an account at another Canadian Bank.

    Finally I was advised by my branch manager to open a US based TD “Cross Border Account” (which is with the American TD Bank and a separate institution- although affiliated- from TD Canada Trust) then transfer the funds to my TD Canada Trust USD “Borderless” account.
    It can be very easily done by phone if you have a checkable credit rating and a current Canadian Passport.
    The phone number to open the account is
    The chequing account allows for unlimited free transfers with a minimum held balance of $100.00.
    You can also get a free debit card for the US TD Bank account which is handy for US travel.

    The idea is to link the US TD Bank “Cross Border” account to the paypal account and then transfer the USD from that account into the TD Canada Trust USD “Borderless” Account.

    Once you have your new US TD Bank Account the routing number to give to paypal is#026013673

    AND for those of you like me whose credit rating was uncheckable by phone through the US TD Banks third party agent company, I was advised to have my Bank vouch for me through the only Branch which can process opening this account other than the phone in service.
    The process is to make an appointment with your bank manager and have them call the New York Branch which can handle this. The process takes about 40 minutes -have your passport with you.
    The New York bank’s contact info is
    TD Bank – Rockefeller Branch, NY
    Phone #212-314-9800
    They are open M-F 7:30am-8pm Eastern

    A lot of hoops to jump and confusing language referring to the 2 banks with similar names and the 2 accounts with similar names but I am happy to report, now that it’s all done, it is the exact same process I was doing before – 2 transfers which I did anyway because I like to clear out the paypal linked account asap but no more lost money going to paypal for the conversion.
    whew – I am posting this in the hopes that it may help even one poor TD Canada Trust client who has been getting screwed by paypal.

  • DWM

    @DANA – I haven’t succeeded yet, but I’m still trying.

    @SANDRA – Thanks that’s a good idea. If this doesn’t work I will try that. I’d prefer to be able to transfer the TD online banking site without adding another account. But whatever it takes..

  • I just followed all the steps, opened an RBC USD account in Toronto, used the US routing number given at the top of this post, added it to my Paypal account, the $0.21 deposit went in in two installments the next day. I just confirmed the account with Paypal and withdrew a token amount to ensure it works. Thank you SO much. It was so frustrating to lose a huge chunk of my own money just to put it in my bank account. With my son living in the US, I can put the money into the account and withdraw the USD to use when I visit him. Very much appreciated.

  • myhandle


    I have a Canadian BMO account in USD. Is there any way to link it to my Canadian Paypal account ?


  • Mary Wilkinson

    It is December 31st. I have a business paypal account and personal RBC esavings USD account. Using the details in this blog, I successfully was able to transfer funds between Pay Pal and RBC USD account! This is great escape from the corporate milking machinery that PayPal is.

  • J-Wo

    I just added my TD Canada Trust USD Borderless Chequing account successfully to PayPal! I did not need to use any of this routing number nonsense, I simply called TD Canada Trust at 1-866-222-3456 and asked what my USD Borderless transit, institution, and account # are. Incidentally, if you have a CAD chequing account, they will all be the same numbers except substitute the last 7 digits of your CAD account # with the 7 digit USD account # as shown online. The status of my account is now Unconfirmed and deposits pending. I have some USD in my PayPal account that I want transferred to the TD Borderless account, so hopefully will be able to do so once all is confirmed. I’ll report back here when successful!

  • J-Wo

    By the way, I kept Country = Canada when adding my TD Borderless account.

  • Anthony Ho

    J-WO: I think PayPal will be withdrawing with Canadian Dollar. It is stated in the Add Account page all funds would be in Canadian Dollars. Yes, you can add your borderless account number. However, PayPal would withdrawn in CAD using the exchange rate.
    The whole idea is to have PayPal not to convert to CAD before withdrawal. Let me know if this really works for you.

  • Hani

    I opened a us high interest esaving account and followed the procedure told above
    Lets hope it works
    Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  • Hani

    Thanks a lot… worked πŸ™‚
    waiting for funds to be transfer
    will keep u guys posted

  • Katharine

    This doesn’t work for VanCity either.

  • marry-go-round

    I just opened a RBC US account, entered routing number 026004093 and account#. It did not work.
    I got the following message from paypal.
    The two deposits that PayPal sent to your bank account as part of the bank confirmation process were returned to us for the following reason:

    Your bank does not recognize this bank account number. You may contact
    your bank with any questions concerning this denial or you may re-enter
    a valid bank account number in your PayPal account.
    If you feel this rejection is in error, you may also email PayPal Customer Service to confirm this bank account by going to:



  • marry-go-round

    I tried again. It works! I made a mistake the first time. Remember you must combined the transit and account # together when entering account# on paypal.

    I successfully transfer USD to my RBC bank.

    Not sure why paypal emphasizes when you are doing a transfer, your bank account must have the same denominator, otherwise the transfer will fail.

  • Kinga

    Thanks Brad, it worked perfectly!

  • David

    So… this appears to work as described.

    But you still have USD that you need to convert to CAN (unless of course you have a lot of USD expenses). RBC will charge you around 2.5%, just like PayPal does. I fail to see how this ends up saving money.

    Can someone enlighten me?

  • ReadingFTW

    @David You convert your money with a much cheaper third party alternative being one. Maybe read some comments next time πŸ˜‰

  • Justin isn’t much cheaper than the banks, they all charge around 2-2.5% conversion. Its best to just spend the USD on USD items.

  • Hamza Ait Omlachou

    did you waiy 30 days when so you can transfer monney ?

  • hani

    do you think it will work with amazon

    thanks again

  • cebe

    Thanks, Brad it worked! I live on the border and use/receive both currencies. I provide different email addresses to people, depending on which currency I’m receiving. So Paypal doesn’t confuse things I have 2 different PayPal accounts. Here’s how it worked for me:
    1st I opened my Canadian PayPal account. Then added the US dollar account, like Brad explained. Once the US dollar account was established, I deleted the Canadian dollar portion of it. Then I opened a new Payal account with a different email address, that will be dedicated to Canadian money only. Now one email goes directly to the US dollar PayPal account and a different email goes to the Canadian dollar Paypal account.

  • kathy

    Does anyone know if you can do this successfully (open a US dollar account) at Scotiabank and it works to receive US dollars from Paypal or only RBC routing number works??

  • conflictingReports

    i tried with scotiabank it says
    You have entered an invalid Routing number for a bank account in United States. Please make sure the Routing number is correct. If you fail to resolve the problem, please call Customer Support.
    Any thoughts?

  • Charlene

    just wondered if it was the RBC as i was given a different routing number than he says for RBC as well. Regafds

  • It’s if you want to hold on to USD. Or, if you want to send your USD to a cheaper foreign exchange broker.

  • Brad, in the process of getting an RBC account for this purpose.

    Question – does this work for adding USD to your PayPal account? I’m setting up an affiliate program, and I need PayPal to disburse payments. Unfortunately, I cannot fund the account with USD. Hoping this fix will solve that.

  • James

    Can I also open an account there btw I m from India.

  • wolez


  • Daniel

    Doesn’t work. “We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date”

  • John

    Does this still work in 2014?

    Trying to apply for the RBC USD eSavings account but actually there is a software error.

    Just wondering if it’s worth it to go through with everything, only if it still works I guess.

    Can anyone confirm?

  • Reid

    I’ve just set up my RBC USD account and have followed the rest of Brad’s instructions. The deposits from Paypal have been sent to my account. I will update you if it all works out or not.

  • Reid

    Has anyone had success transferring funds from their RBC US account to Paypal? I understand you can do it vice versa.

  • SS

    Anyone know if the same process can be done for account transfers in British Pounds?

  • I tried this and it didn’t work for me. I’m wondering if you got it to work after all.
    I was thinking of trying Sandra’s method but that’s so much headache to go through just to hook it up. WTF is wrong with these things that only allow RBC to work for transfers?

  • concerned calgarian

    they blocked it as RBC and paypal are in bed together. sucks!!!

  • Nat

    Lewis, I also have a RBC bank account, but it is the high interest savings one. Tried to do it twice and was not able to get approved. Could you tell be if you used a routing #, because it did not offer the option for routing number. Can you also make payments with the USD from that account to paypal? I have us vendors that I need to pay in USD.

  • thinkitthrough

    Yup. it makes no sense to exchange US to Canadian.. only to exchange Candian back to US to buy US things… and if you think it that way it’s an ever bigger savings to just have a US holding account for all that is US

  • Santosh seo

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  • Hairy

    hello does this still work?

  • Nick

    Hi there!

    I live in Vancouver and I just opened a RBC US chequing/high interest e-savings account at my local RBC Canada. I went to my Canadian Paypal and added this account there. How long does it take for paypal to send the deposit into this account so I can complete the bank verification process?

    So what this means is our paypal USD profit from ebay can be withdraw into RBC Canada US dollar account and then we can just withdraw this directly at the atm and use it for shopping at Bellingham or anywhere in the US yea?

  • Martin

    I’ve done this successfully with RBC I tried cibc my other bank and td and it’s a no go. Only RBC I belive works

  • JJ

    Do not waste your time with SCOTIA, they will find ways to steal all your USD, or even your CAD if you try to convert it here in Canada. I went through this, its a pain. BMO, I’ve tried this as well, this will not work yet, but might one day. RBC from my knowledge is the only way to do this without nutty fees. PS, I’m in process of suing Scotia bank for stealing over 1800$CAD in fees that should never had existed legally, and they refused to correct it.

  • Dacha

    Hi, I wonder whats’ the best way to transfer from US to Canada, bigger amount of money. thanks

  • Reid did you find a way to get RBC USD -> PayPal? I’m looking for a way as well.

  • Mitchell did you find a way to do this? I’m looking for the same thing.

  • Hani, did you find a way for it to work with USD -> Canada USD account?

  • Reid

    I switched from CIBC to RBC. I opened a US account with RBC and added it to Paypal. It all worked out.

    Thanks for this post Brad.

  • So you opened a personal RBC USD account at a US branch?

  • Reid

    No. I opened a US savings account with my local branch in Toronto and added it to my Paypal account. It worked.

  • You will need a dedicated US account. Using the work around in this article allows deposits, but not withdrawals. Check out the “Royal Embassy” account, or similar. Hope this helps!

  • That works for transferring funds from your bank account to PayPal? I’ve attached my RBC USD account using the method above but it only seems to allow for withdrawal from PayPal and not deposits from your USD account.

  • Reid

    I’ve only withdrawed funding from Paypal to my US account. That’s odd that it doesn’t work the other way.

  • neobux

    hi mr brad. i have a question from you:
    i have a neobux that paid me in usd but my paypal is canadian and its currency is cad.
    the problem is here that neobux can not pay me in the paypal account because of different curencies…
    plz give me a solution for this…

  • Oh, this is the first step in saving so much money. Once your money is North of the border in US dollars, you can execute Norbert’s Gambit to convert it to CAD at damn near the base exchange rate. Read all about it, here!

  • Incidentally, using the routing number and account number format detailed in this post, I was able to link my US Wells Fargo account to my US dollar RBC account in Canada. Too bad Wells Fargo’s monthly transfer limits are so abysmally low; I’m still going to try the PayPal route.

  • alla

    Don’t you pay monthly fee for that account?

  • DC Toronto Photographer

    For those inquiring: you have to set up a US Paypal at (rather than /ca), and link your RBC account to the US Paypal. Funds will still transfer into your Canadian bank account, through RBC’s JPMorgan Chase alliance, which is how they can provide you with the tracking number.

    Hope this helped.

  • Paypal Sucks

    Not that I am aware. The only way I think you can get money out is forward it to a UK Paypal account using “Send to Friends and Family” (and pay 0.5% for the privilege) and then transfer it to a UK Bank account from there if you have one). Alternatively ditch Paypal altogether and use Stripe which send the money direct to your bank account. I’m fed up with Paypal making this so hard (and expensive…). They have already taken their cut and should just let us have our money,

  • Help

    When I today tried the method written in the original post it did not work. The Routing number for my local RBC branch (found here: was picked up by Paypal as a Canadian bank and I got the Paypal error message:

    You have entered an invalid Routing number for a bank account in United States. Please make sure the Routing number is correct. If you fail to resolve the problem, please call Customer Support.


    If I select it as a bank in Canada instead, I guess any USD$ sent will be exchanged at Paypal’s wonderfully(!) competitive exchange rate. Paypal is a joke… how many cuts do they want?

    Anyone else found a way to make this work in 2015?

  • Amanda

    I just tried this and it is not working πŸ™ Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ryan

    Has it been working for you so far, Reid? I tried linking my RBC US Savings account to Paypal following the steps above and I keep getting told, “you cannot add a bank account at this time”!

  • Erik Grigoriev

    Thanks man! worked for me


    THANKS!!! WORKS!!!

  • Alex

    Hey Shawn, did you try withdrawing US funds from your paypal yet ? Were there any conversion fees ? I’d like to know if this still works… and you are the last person (the most recent) to have done this.. so that’s why i’m asking you πŸ™‚
    Please let know.. Thank you

  • Help

    Hi Erik – Did you manage to do this online? What routing number did you use as the one I am trying does not work. Thanks!

  • Help

    Hi Shawn – Did you manage to do this online? What routing number did you use as the one I am trying does not work. Thanks!

  • I just used the one thats listed in the article, worked like a charm. The only downside is that Bank will only allow transfer from PayPal to the account, so you can’t pay using that account. Bank will decline the withdrawal.

  • Bradley Hiebert

    Hello Sandra my name is Brad and I have almost an identical situation, my question is are you sending the USD from an american paypal into your TD Bank? I need a solution to take the USD that I currently receive into my Canadian paypal (cant set up an american paypal without a SSC) and take it out exactly as USD into the borderless account and then from there transfer to my TD Bank account for dealing with suppliers. So to summarize:
    Paid in USD (canadian paypal)—–>TD Canada trust borderless account (USD)—–>TD Bank (USD)
    I see no reason why if Im paid in USD I cant keep it that way but paypal seems to think because im in Canada there’s no way to retrieve it without converting it to CAD.
    I hope this finds the right people as it is quite an old post.

  • Rini

    Thank you. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your detailed instructions. Took me about 8 tries but it finally worked.

  • jonathan

    this works. thanks! old paypal account (<2009) and followed your instructions.

    RBC over the phone advised me to come into the branch to open an account. i opened online with existing rbc login. worked in about a week. wait 24 hours after opening account before trying. it works it works!

  • Coby

    Does that trick works only with Paypal?

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Help

    Ok folks, I finally got this working after months of trying (I opened the no-fee USD Savings account with RBC). This is how to get it to work… If you get the “You Cannot Add a Bank Account at this Time” yellow error window which appears at the top of the screen when you have tried to submit the bank details, it is actually due to a security block on your Paypal account (which is fairly standard). I only learnt this when I tried Adding an Account live with a Paypal assistant over the phone. He could see the error message I generated as I submitted the form (and gets more info as to why – which Paypal doesn’t give us as the customer). So if you get this error message, get on the phone to Paypal. The initial person you will speak to isn’t a specialist (don’t waste you time with them as they will tell you “you can’t do that”), so ask to speak to someone about “improving currency rates” or “business accounts”. Explain to this specialist person that you are trying to link your USD account with RBC in Canada. They will ask for your account details. Then try to add the bank account. They should see the security block. They should then manually lift this block. As soon as he did that, it let me submit the account, and I am now waiting for the test transaction to verify the account. Finally! Phew!
    (Note: if you speak to a specialist and they say you can’t do it, tell them you are going to close your Paypal account unless they sort it. Worked for me).

  • iBooB

    Just say you get this to work, USD funds gets loaded onto your paypal, you transfer those USD funds into your USD account, then you go to withdraw the USD funds from the bank here in Canada. Is the bank going to charge you for withdrawing in USD? And are you going to exchange into CAD? If so, where are the best rates?

    Let us know how the test goes!

  • Help

    Update: Paypal amounts have gone into the account today – so the account is now verified in Paypal. All working. In terms of exchanging to CAD, the reason I didn’t do this with Paypal is their exchange rate is terrible – like most high street banks. e.g. a few days ago:

    Spot Exchange Rate was:

    Paypal Rate offered: 1.19975 which means they are taking another 2%.

    A specialist Forex company (MTFX) offered me: 1.21318 for the same amount.
    I don’t know about you, but I think Paypal are already taking far too much commission just to help us to received money or be paid for our work. (think about this… +”% for currency transfer + 3% of originally receive the money in PP account – they are robbing us of 5% of our income!! That’s like realtors!). I don’t want to give Paypal any more money. In fact, does anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to Paypal?

  • NCA

    Hi, any updates on this issue? Opening a new account at RBC US, can be added to PayPal account and works fine? If yes,
    1) which type account needed to open at RBC?
    2) Can it be opened online / on phone OR need to visit local branch? (business account can’t be opened without personally visiting at US location)
    3) Any monthly fees of the RBC account and limitations?
    4) Anyone tried with the payment processing companies other than PayPal. If yes, how is the experience?

  • I’m having the same issue. Paypal > RBC USD works, but RBC USD > Paypal doesn’t. Paypal accepts the transaction, says it can take 3-5 days to complete, but a little later, the status changes to Failed.

  • Dave

    Has anyone successfully done this with a TD Bank US$ bank account in Canada?

    What routing number?

  • Brahm

    Hmmm and how about if you have a US dollar account at RBC and want to pay someone in US dollars via Paypal?

  • Lawton Au-Yong

    This is weird. I linked my RBC and i see the 2 deposits from paypal (it’s actually the only two transaction i ever have on this RBC US account). I go back to paypal to confirm the two amounts and it say it’s incorrect. What the heck? (so closeeee!) Anyone has this issue and know what to do?

  • Cam Shaft

    Well this is very interesting info,
    PayPal would not allow me to link my account to this. I emailed support and they had some BS response that you can’t send US FUNDS from Canada. What a load of junk
    But I will have to use this new info to see if specialist person can resolve this issue.
    Because the normal customer support person just says no

  • I had the same problem than you, from Canada I couldn’t link my US account to Paypal. Every time I got an error message. I called Paypal and I had a great service, the guy manually link my RBC US account to my Paypal account. He was very helpful.

  • Yes, I had the same problem than you, from Canada I couldn’t link my US account to Paypal. Every time I got an error message. I called Paypal and I had a great service, the guy manually link my RBC US account to my Paypal account. He was very helpful.

  • personal paypal account.

  • Elite

    Hey guys, I had a similar issue. I kept receiving the “You Cannot Add a Bank Account at this Time”. The fix is to add your bank account using a different method. On the top of the page, click on “profile” then click on your “username”. Then navigate to “my money”, then click on “update” within the bank account tab. You should be able to add your US bank account now. I spoke to the PayPal rep and he claimed it’s a flaw with the system.

    For the RBC High Interest US Account, instead of entering RBC, I entered “Chase Manhattan Bank”.

  • ajldfljlajkflp

    for that kind of work, I’d rather open a bank account with RBC…

  • Sumera Earam

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    Payoneer, Bank Wire, Western Union, MoneyGram and other third parties to PayPal,

    So Please contact us via Skype: oyedosta

  • Raphael E

    This is very strange.. I called RBC and they told me that the routing number is 021000021.
    But when I enter that number in paypal i get an error message “We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date”……..
    But if I enter the routing number on this site it worked.. hmmm very weird.
    Anyways I’m waiting 5-6 days to get the 1$ to see if it works 100%

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  • Jim

    Had a email from paypal asking me is IRS tax number, when I login to my account a message pop up saying is your account a USA business please provide your social insurance number and tax number, it had anther option if this is not USA account check the option, what’s up with this are they coming for me, worried !!!

  • Workibility

    It’s funny,
    But I can’t find My Money tab…

  • Workibility

    Hey Reid,
    So you have been able to ad a Canadian US currency bank account to your paypal? Depositing your paypal sales money to your account without changing currency to US?
    I need this as we pay our foreign business partners in USD and do not need to exchange 2 times.

  • Workibility

    Just added a TD Canada Trust US currency bank account to my paypal. Waiting for confirmation, hopefully it works.

  • Lance

    I just opened a US Bank account at TD America’s Most Convienient Bank as you suggested above… but now when I try to add the bank to paypal, I select United States bank account, chequing, enter the transit # they gave me (2112-74450) and my account number, but it comes back and says “You cannot add a bank at this time”???

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  • Reid

    1. Able to ad a Canadian US currency bank account to your paypal? …Yes. I added both accounts with RBC.
    2. Depositing your paypal sales money to your account without changing currency to US?
    I received US currency to my Paypal account from my customers.
    I then selected my US esavings account to withdraw those funds to my US account.
    Once the funds were transferred to the US account, I transferred the funds to my Canadian checking account through my online banking with RBC. *No currency conversion charges. πŸ™‚

  • Workibility

    Alright, so that is what I need.
    We sell in US currency and do not need to change to Canadian at all….
    Tried with TD, paypal didn’t accept. So now, I have to open RBC US currency account and try it.


  • Erin

    I tried it for CIBC and paypal told me that the routing number was a Cdn bank number and would not let me add it.

  • Eliza May

    Yes it worked for me but my paypal was us-based & opened in 2002. Don’t think they wrte in canada yet back then.

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  • Kasra Meshkin

    did you succeed adding your td us account to PayPal?

  • has anyone gotten this to work with a Soctiabank account?

  • Hey guyz, this article is useless because rules have changed, there is now an extra step you have to take. Here is 100% WORKING solution –

    Share and thank me later;)

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  • FL

    I’ve also just found a company called Knightsbridge that converts US to Canadian for just 0.5% which is amazing too.

  • Just to way in on this, I have been successfully using this ‘loophole’ right up until August 2017. My account was then cancelled when Sony tried to pull out $15 from my USD account. (something to be aware of – when I added my new USD account – it became the primary account to withdrawl from for paypal purchases- which I did not know about or manually choose) This caused an issue because I was over the # of withdrawls for my US high interest e-savings account at RBC – so paypal closed the account. (ie. i believe it was my fault in this instance). Here’s the good news: **I called paypal support and they were able to ‘reactivate’ my Canadian US account within paypal because it was in the system already.** They could also see the reason why the initial withdrawl was denied. For those who are running into ‘account closed’ issues with their Canadian USD accounts in Paypal – definitely call in and have a customer support agent simply re-activate the account! At least it worked for me. As far as I can tell this is all still working as of August 2017. This walkthrough (as mentioned) helped a lot for setup.

  • Valerie Pearson

    Yes I got that too

  • Adam

    021000021 is the routing number i got from RBC over the phone. I tried what was mentioned in the article and it didn’t work. This method has so far got me farther along.

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