and Fredericton CyberSocial

Pierre and I decided to register for Zenutech yesterday. I setup a special web page for the domain in an attempt to promote our globally competitive rates and service locally. In addition to handing out business cards at the monthly Fredericton CyberSocial and sending letters to businesses, this strategy should definitely help expose our services to businesses searching for local web hosting.

Tomorrow I will likely be attending the Fredericton CyberSocial at DJ Purdy’s.

Here’s a couple reasons you may want to consider attending:

4 Reasons to Attend the Fredericton CyberSocial

1. Meeting new people with similar interests
If you are interested in meeting new people with interests common to your own, there is no better place for this. Most people are in a constant state mingling, so you can simply approach people, introduce yourself and discuss your interests. For Pierre and I this has proven to be the perfect place to meet colleagues, partners and new customers. And most importantly has allowed us to spread the word about our company.

2. Meeting potential employers and partners
I realize that most of you aren’t pushing a company, but it most definitely doesn’t hurt to be in a room full of employers showing your interest in Science and Technology. And hey, you may just meet someone with the same interests as yourself and want to start a new partnership company.

3. Free food, cheap beer, great prizes
There’s free food, happy hour prices on draft, and great door prizes. So even if you get bored, you can always focus on the food, prizes and most importantly the beer.

4. Free to leave at any time
If you aren’t having a good time, just leave. It’s a mingling environment so no one will even notice if you want to duck out at any time.