Putting a Stop to Comment SPAM

Auth Image Generated ImageI’ve installed a new WordPress plugin called Auth Image today to put a stop to comment SPAM and any need to moderate comments. Auth Image produces a small image containing a word that is poorly written and somewhat difficult to read. The commenter must read the word and type it into the adjascent box for the comment to be accepted. The scrambling of the image prevents SPAM programs from being able to read what the letters are. From now on, comments will appear immediately after they are posted in this blog.

The Auth Image plugin is not easy to setup. You have to modify some core WordPress files and the legacy my-hacks.php file before activating the plugin. Since you have to modify core WordPress files, upgrading now becomes more work. All the editing of core WordPress files could have been avoided if the plugin used the Plugin API as it should. I don’t even think that I will install this plugin again the next time I upgrade WordPress. It’s just not worth the work.

Update: The SecureImage plugin seems much easier to install. I will probably install the next time I upgrade WordPress.