My Last 4 Months at UNB and in Fredericton

BooksI am finally on the home stretch of my University career; the finish line is in sight. After these next four months of study I will almost be finished school. Unfortunately, I will still need a 3 credit hour course to complete my degree which I plan to take online. I have finalized my schedule for this term and this is what it looks like:

  • Human-Computer Interaction (CS 3025)
  • Database Management Systems (CS3513)
  • Software Quality and Project Management (SWE4103)
  • Intro to Compiler Construction (CS4905)
  • Senior Report (CS4983)

I have cut down my workload significantly from what I had mentioned earlier. I realized I would much rather sacrifice the “Honors” in my degree title than my sanity. I now have one lab, two term projects, and only three final exams. Hopefully, it will be a merciful few months.

Air CanadaDid I mention I am moving to Vancouver? That’s right, I’m out of here! Fredericton has been a great city to live in for the past five years, but it’s definitely time for a change of scenery. It’s time for Brad D. Touesnard to explore the rest of this god da…urrrhh, I mean great country. Considering I have never ventured west of Ottawa or south of Rhode Island, I have a lot of exploring to do and there’s no time like the near future. My girlfriend’s brother just built a new home in Vancouver, so we will be setting up in his basement apartment for a while. I will likely be booking a flight this week for the first of May. Definitely something to look forward to!