Meet ted. My new best friend.


For a couple of weeks I’ve been asking people, “Do you know ted?” No one did, so I left it at that. Today, meet ted, the torrent episode downloader.

ted is pretty clever. He keeps track of the next episode of each show he needs to download and has filtering so he doesn’t fetch you a bad copy of an episode. I’ve taken a look under ted’s hood and it’s quite clean. Lot’s of well organized, readable Java code. And since both ted and the Azureus bittorrent client run with JRE, they play well together.

Although ted is great, it could be easier to use. I can imagine a minimalist version of ted that would just be a simple list of tv show titles and you check off the ones you want to download. I’m guessing most users don’t care about all the options and would rather just have the most common options set for them out-of-the-box. Of course the advanced options could still be available from a menu. ted could really use a prettier logo.

It would seem that Joost, Democracy, and Zudeo have a lot more potential than ted in peer-to-peer tv space, but ted is the perfect replacement for that quick and dirty script that you wrote to load your tv torrents into your bittorrent client.