I Sold WP App Store

sold-signAbout a month ago I posted WP App Store for sale on Flippa. And today I’m very happy to announce that Iain Poulson (aka @polevaultweb) will be taking over the project.

Ian Poulson

Iain is a great WordPress developer with some excellent design skills. If you don’t already know Iain, just take a look at his website and dig into his Instagrate project and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Iain is planning to keep running the mailing list as it is now, sending out great deals on quality WordPress products. He is also planning to put more effort into marketing and growing the mailing list. Check out his blog post for the details in his own words.

When I rebooted WP App Store as a mailing list 7 months ago, I made it clear that it was an experiment. I wouldn’t call the experiment a raging success, but it certainly hasn’t been a failure either. I simply lost my passion for the project and it became a chore I didn’t have time for. I decided it needed someone new that was excited about the opportunity to push it forward.

I’m really looking forward to following along as Iain takes over the experiment and makes it his own. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend signing up for the WP App Store mailing list and following along with me.