Firefox’s new built-in RSS Aggregator

Until now, I had resisted using an RSS reader mainly because it’s just another application to run. A great place for such an application would be if it were built directly into the web browser so instead of clicking a bookmark to go to a news/blog site, you could preview all the headlines and click the one you wish to read first. This is just what the Mozilla group has implemented in Mozilla Firefox 1.0PR. Yet another reason to make Firefox your #1 browser and give MS Internet Explorer the back seat.

Live Bookmark Screenshot

In addition, if an RSS enabled web site has implemented the proper header tags, that is <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" ... /> you can click the RSS icon in the lower right-hand corner of Firefox’s window to add the RSS feed to your live bookmarks. This makes it extremely easy to add live bookmarks.

Check out Mozilla Firefox’s Live Bookmark web page for more details.