Feeling Better and Writting New Software

Live Bookmark LogoLooks like it was just a 48 hour flu I had, but it sure packed a punch. Completely incapacitated me. I’m pretty much over it and now scurrying to develop some software before school secures a strangle hold on my life for the next few months. Yesterday I finished up version 2.0 of ZDM and sent it off to my business associate Pierre, to try it out. We are still unsure whether we’re going to release it as OSS, or if we’re going sell a license for it and continue to give away the old version. I had initially thought of releasing it as OSS but Pierre makes a valid point when he says we will probably make more money by selling licenses. Any suggestions/opinions?

Also, today I started tinkering with an idea I had about aggregating multiple RSS feeds into a single blog. Soon “tinkering” turned into a full script worthy of release. When it comes to new software concepts, I can’t seem to resist starting them. I haven’t yet decided if ultimately that’s a good thing or a bad thing.