All Grades are In and I Passed Algorithms

A+I have received all my grades and it turns out that I’ve done quite well this term, despite the Algorithms scare (described also by Bojan). I ended up with the following:

  • B- Algorithms (CS 3913)
  • B  Organizational Behavior (ADM 2513)
  • A  Professional Practice (CS 3997)
  • A+ Multimedia Design (CS 3703)
  • A+ Computer Security (CS 4503)

I gladly accepted the B- in Algorithms (phewf!), especially after the monsterous final exam. Now it is almost time (January 3rd) to start my final four months of study in Computer Science. It is going to be a very rough term as I had to squeeze in some difficult courses to satisfy my “Software Systems” major requirements. I have the following courses scheduled:

  • Human-Computer Interaction (CS 3025)
  • Database Management Systems (CS3513)
  • Operating Systems II (CS 4405)
  • Intro to Compiler Construction (CS 4905)
  • Honours Thesis (CS 4997)

I may drop my Honours Thesis and take Technical Report and a three credit hour online course instead. With three labs included my course load, it is unlikely that I will be able to handle an Honours Thesis. To remove even more of my free time I’m starting up Ultimate Frisbee again in January. Hopefully I will be able to pull it off.