Brad Touesnard is an entrepreneur, podcaster, developer, and designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada.


For my second collaboration with Tribal DDB, I was assigned to the McCafé® project for their client, McDonald’s. The project involved the construction of a promotional web page for the McCafé® launch campaign in Canada. Tribal’s creative team developed a fantastic concept, employing the parallax effect with coffee beans to create a 3D illusion as the user scrolls (you need to visit the site to experience parallax effect). My job was to transform the PSD mockups into an interactive web page that worked within the McDonalds’ web site constraints and achieved the parallax effect.

This is looking great, very tasteful and exactly what I’m looking for.
— Joe Dee, Technology Director, Tribal DDB

It went well! Your code was apparently very easy for someone to take over and make small changes. You’ll notice we got to keep the beans and we didn’t have to make any major changes to what you had done. Thanks so much for the great work!!
— Sarah Lasch, Producer, Tribal DDB

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