Brad Touesnard is an entrepreneur, podcaster, developer, and designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada.


I currently spend all my working time managing Delicious Brains Inc, a company I started in December 2012 to develop and sell WP Migrate DB Pro, a database migration plugin for WordPress.

Before that, I built web sites for a living. Working as an independent web developer, collaborating with creative agencies and independent web designers. I did frontend and backend development, working with SilverStripe CMS and WordPress. Check out my portfolio and LinkedIn profile for more.

I love to travel. Most recently I’ve been a tourist in Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, NYC, Boston, New Zealand, Tasmania (Australia), Malaysia, and China. I can hardly wait to visit South America and Eastern Europe.

I grew up in beautiful, rural Cape Breton, Canada. But I love cities. I’ve lived in both Vancouver and Melbourne. They truly are the most liveable cities on the planet. I miss them both. Today, my wife Carolyn and our two sons call Truro, Nova Scotia.

I play hockey, tennis, and ultimate frisbee. I love to compete.

I’ve had a personal web site since 1996 but only started blogging in 2004. This site is now mainly geared toward my professional career, showcasing my work and publishing my original writings about the business of building the web. Posts are few and far between here as I now write mainly on my company blog. I also share short thoughts on Twitter and post code to GitHub and I also cohost the Apply Filters podcast.


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Conference Attendance

Apr 9-11, 2017 MicroConf (Las Vegas)
Apr 6-8, 2017 PressNomics (Phoenix)
Feb 6-9, 2017 Big Snow Tiny Conf (Sugarbush, VT)
Jan 16-19, 2017 Big Snow Tiny Conf Europe (Chamonix, France)
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Dec 2-6, 2015 WordPress Community Summit /
WordCamp US
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Apr 12-14, 2015 MicroConf (Las Vegas)
Jan 26-29, 2015 Big Snow Tiny Conf (Sugarbush, VT)
Jan 21-24, 2015 PressNomics (Phoenix)
Apr 14-15, 2014 MicroConf (Las Vegas)
Jan 19, 2014 Podcamp Halifax
Oct 17-19, 2013 PressNomics (Phoenix)
Nov 9-10, 2012 PressNomics (Phoenix) Recap
Feb 6-8, 2008 Web Directions North (Vancouver) Blog Posts: 12
Feb 6-8, 2007 Web Directions North (Vancouver) Blog Posts: 12345
Jul 25, 2006 OSCON Preview, Notes


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