Ignorance is Bliss…well, at least for 59,054,087 Americans

Election Map
They ignored that he lied to them, they ignored that he is not looking after them, and they re-elected him. “They” are just over half of Americans and “he” is George Walker Bush. I wonder how many American citizens actually know what the “W” in George W. Bush means. Maybe just under half?

It is known that fear will often lead people to make decisions they would not normally make. Exit polls suggested that many Bush voters felt more safe and secure with the current president than they would if Senator John Kerry was president. I think this logic is represented by choosing Person A in the following situation:

Lets say for instance you are stranded in the middle of the jungle, concentrated with hmmm…killer knife wielding ninja monkeys who have retired to their homeland in the jungle after having served in their country’s military as secret operatives. You meet up with two other people who are very much aware of the situation. Both propose a plan to get out of the jungle for you to consider.
Evil Monkey
Person A says that they will guide you out of the jungle strategically avoiding large concentrations of monkeys but shooting anything that moves because it might be a threat. He says, if you don’t shoot first and ask questions later, death will be the result and those no good monkeys are unreasonable.

Person B takes a different approach and says they will try to gain the trust of the monkeys in a constructive manner and ask them for permission to pass through their jungle. He believes that the monkeys will respect him as he is an accomplished military commander.

Now lets look at the risks here for these two proposals. If you go with Person A, you will be safe as long as your leader can shoot everything that moves and assuming you get out of the jungle quickly enough before all the monkeys realize you are killing their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and even young children. If you go with Person B, you can end up dead if the monkeys are as Person A says “unreasonable.”

Are we still talking about politics here? If you answer “No”, you most definitely should not have voted in this election. Personally, I just wanted to post the evil monkey picture.