Brad Touesnard is an entrepreneur, podcaster, developer, and designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Posts published in 2006

Chuck Norris reading his own facts

Last week JeffG sent me this video of Chuck Norris reading his own facts from It’s fuckin great, enjoy!

My New Digital Camera: Canon SD450

After patiently waiting for a Canon Digital Elph to go on sale at Future Shop, it finally happened and I was able to pick up a 5MP Canon SD450 to replace the...

A real-life Transformer!

I loved watching Transformers when I was a kid. Who knew that a few years down the road they would exist in real-life. Check out this video of a real, live T...

The best trackball lubricant

Tip: Trackball mouse getting a bit sticky? Rub your nose or forehead with the finger or thumb you use to control it and presto! That trackball will be rollin...

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