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Stop commenting your code just to say you did

Summary – Code comments that point out the obvious make the important comments harder to spot. Developers are better off when there are only a few comments for the code that deserves an explanation.

5799338412_70bd536ff1_bYou open up an electrical box and see a few hundred wires. Lots of different colours that don’t mean a heck of a lot. But someone has put a neat little label on every wire. Awesome!

Or so it seemed until you actually start looking at the labels. Almost all of them are blank!

So you spend an hour digging through every label. In the end, you find a total of 12 actually written with an important message. Hopefully you didn’t miss any in all the chaos.

This is how I feel when I dig into code with useless comments everywhere. It’s hard to identify useful comments in the sea of useless ones. Needles in a stack of needles.

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